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    Do you know how DME Archiver users can set up enterprise wide customized alerts with just a click of a button? 

    The more emails you get the more difficult it becomes to search through them. This becomes especially difficult, if you have a complex folder structure in your mailbox client wherein you might need to search in all folders. Imagine doing this for 100 email accounts within your organization.

    DME Archiver has solved this problem through the advanced search and alert functionality. It is now easy to do an enterprise wide email search with just a click of a button. This is especially important for eDiscovery. Also now the admin can get notifications of all important emails that come to any mailbox using the alert feature of DME Archive.

    Please click here to learn how?

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    Four Steps to successfully sell backup 

    Do you want to increase your sales? Dropmysite shows how you can use an established sales framework to devise your own sales strategy and increase your sales.

    Please click here to read the complete white paper.

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    Dropmysite partners with premium Brazilian internet service provider Cipnet 

    Your favorite website backup service provider Dropmysite has partnered with Brazilian premium internet service provider company “Cipnet Serviços de Internet”. The service will be provided in Portuguese to all Brazilian customers.

    According to the new 2014 edition of the “Latin America 500,” an annual report by ecommerce research and analysis firm Internet Retailer, Latin America, as a whole, remains the world’s second fastest-growing ecommerce market – only trailing behind China. And Brazil is leading the way, thanks to high Internet penetration rates, a booming market for affordable mobile devices, and an increasingly digital culture. This increase in web presence and e-commerce in Brazil, makes protecting and backing up of websites and databases a critical requirement for businesses small and large in Brazil.

    Dropmysite is an award-winning comprehensive backup solution in the cloud that will keep website and database safe. Cipnet will bring this much-needed service to safeguard online interests in the country. Cipnet will provide the service and support to all Brazilian in Portuguese so that Brazilian users can adapt to the website backup service easily.

    “With millions of sites getting hacked yearly, Dropmysite solves a real problem in backing up websites and databases. Brazil has been a rising star in terms of growth of internet penetration and e-commerce, hence we are very excited about serving this really important market through our partnership with Cipnet.” says Charif ElAnsari, CEO of Dropmysite.

    As part of this partnership Cipnet will resell Dropmysite as a value-added service. This strategic alliance will see Cipnet provide this backup service to its server hosting and domain hosting customers. This mutually beneficial agreement will spike the growth trajectory of both companies.

    The service will come with advanced features like automated / customizable website and database backup, secure AES-256 encryption, backup downloads, website availability monitor and performance reports. With easy setup and integration, both companies believe that the service is perfect for all small and medium enterprise backup needs.

    “Backup is a must have feature for a high availability and premium service. And we found in Dropmysite a very easy and simple way to make sure that our clients’ websites and databases are backed up safely. With Dropmysite we can have the peace of mind that our clients can keep running their business even if something bad happens to their websites. We’re very confident and excited in bringing Dropmysite to the Brazilian market and expect to increase the customer base for both companies with this service.”, says Marcelo Ayala, Director of Cipnet.


    Additional Information:


    Eatablished in 2001, Cipnet Serviços de Internet is a premium internet service provider, specialized in email and website hosting and other value-added services, such as enterprise file sharing and email marketing. Their main focus is the SME market and are located in Caxias do Sul, southern Brazil. Cipnet has customers from all around Brazil and .takes great pride in high quality service and support.

    Dropmysite was launched on 1 March 2012 at DEMO Asia, the leading event for the best and brightest companies to launch to a global audience, and awarded the “DemoGURU” and “Freedom” Award. Since then, Dropmysite has been featured on Angels’ Gate, Wall Street Journal, VentureBeat, Business Times and CNBC. The company was selected amongst the Top 20 startups by Singapore Business Review. Dropmysite has offices in 4 countries (US, India, Japan, Singapore).


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    “All-In-One SEO Pack” WordPress Plugin includes everything plus an inherent risk 

    Wordpress is vulnerable

    According to WordPress’s founder Matt Mullenweg, his service now powers 18.9% of the Web, WordPress rules a large chunk of the Internet. To ensure any one of the 46m websites get to the top of search engines, a wildly popular WordPress SEO plugin called “All in One SEO Pack” has been installed 18.5 million times. Now it seems that not only you will get all the SEO that the plugin should deliver, it throws in an additional risk that allows others illegal access to the site.

    seo plugin for wordpress

    The vulnerability was only discovered last week and it could allow hackers to access non-administrative WordPress accounts, elevate their privileges, and inject malicious code into the admin panel. Since then, the plugin developers has released a new version of “All in One SEO” Pack  to patch it up. So if you are one of the many who got the plugin, you might want to update now.


    This slip up could affect WordPress sites with subscribers, authors and non-admin users logging in to wp-admin, as well as sites with open registration. This means you should be doing this immediately as it could have far-reaching effects otherwise.

    Cyber Security Analyst

    According to Marc-Alexandre Montpas, security analyst at Sucuri, these security flaws allow an attacker to conduct privilege escalation and cross site scripting (XSS) attacks. A logged-in user, without possessing any kind of administrative privileges, could add or modify certain parameters used by the plugin. It includes the post’s SEO title, description and keyword meta tags. This could decrease one’s website’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking if used maliciously.


    Montpas also added that while it is seemingly harmless, there is much damage that can be dealt. Together with another vulnerability to execute malicious Javascript code on an administrator’s control panel, a hacker could inject any Javascript code, change the admin’s account password or leave a back door without you even knowing.


    Since WordPress is the most popular website platform around, often used by SMEs and individuals, plugin security issues can disrupt businesses and schedules. With hosted WordPress, hosting providers usually automatically update plugins and keep track of security issues to keep the websites safe. The first lesson here is that staying on top of plugin updates is extremely important in maintaining website security. This is not the first time, WordPress sites have been targeted. Last year, attackers targeted WordPress websites with weak admin credentials.

    wordpress backup

    In fact, at this point, the second lesson is that updating the plugin will prevent future non-approved meddling but the damage may already been done. While this may sound harsh and that hindsight is 20/20, one way to prevent this from happening is to have prior backup that is free from such bugs. With a ‘clean’ copy that is stored prior to the incursion of the “All-In-One-SEO” plugin, you can revert back to it and be at ease. So besides updating the plugin and hoping that the scare didn’t affect is to ensure you have WordPress backup copies available moving forward.

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    LOLIPOP!, Web hosting service by GMO Pepabo is enhanced by DMS backup technology 

    For immediate release, Singapore, April 21 st2014– GMO Pepabo, Inc.(GMO Pepabo), one of Japan’s biggest web hosting firms, will now provide its  “LOLIPOP! Web/DB backup service”, powered by Dropmysite’s award-winning backup technology, to its 392,000 customers.


    Dropmysite is a Singaporean firm that provides a comprehensive cloud-based backup solution that keeps websites and databases safe. GMO Pepabo, a JASDAQ-listed firm, signed a deal with Dropmysite in November ’13 to create products to safeguard its LOLIPOP! rental servers.


    “From today onwards, we are proud to provide our LOLIPOP! users a new system for backing up their data which employs Dropmysite’s technology” says Sato Kentaro, President of GMO Pepabo.


    With increasing online threats to personal information such as hacking, viruses and system failure, there is a huge need for cyber security. This need results in a high cost in acquiring additional servers, as well as a need for skilled technicians and careful management of data – which can be challenging for small or medium sized enterprises.


    At GMO Pepabo, the website backup product was built to be safe, easy to useand economical. LOLIPOP! users will be able to backup up to seven generations of data with a single click. Backups can also be automatically scheduled and are always secured by industry standard AES256 encryption. At a monthly fee of only\300JPY (or $3.90 SGD, without VAT), excluding tax, it is definitely affordable for everyone.


    Having the opportunity to integrate technologies with a highly regarded corporation like GMO Pepabo, was an eye-opening experience for Dropmysite.


    “It has been great working with GMO Pepabo to see their incredible focus on the end user,” says Charif El-Ansari, CEO of Dropmysite. “Our technical and support teams took their feedback and streamlined the product to appeal to the customers.”


    With this launch, Dropmysite is making its presence felt in Japan. Besides GMO Pepabo, Dropmysite is also in talks with other companies to create unique partnerships to further expand into the Japanese market. The targets will range widely from Internet Service Providers to mobile phone companies. These opportunities will open doors for Dropmysite to further expand its email backup and mobile backup products in Japan.


    Beyond this deal in Japan, there are also many other similar discussions in progress around the world. With a presence in every major region in the world, Dropmysite will eventually be seen and used globally. This launch is yet another major step forward in Dropmysite’s grand goal of providing backup solutions for the all of the Internet.


    For further enquiries, please contact:
    Peter Yu


    Gilcrux Holdings

    +65 9451 9142


    About GMO Pepabo, Inc.
    Under the slogan of “Spreading the joy of sharing information”, GMO Pepabo,Inc. was established in 2003 as a web hosting service company. Since its foundation the company has focused on consumer-targeted Internet services, and today it is comprised three business segments: Hosting which operates consumer domain registration and web hosting services, Ecommerce Support which provides ecommerce platform solutions, and Community,which facilitates communication among Internet users through blogging and media portal services. paperboy&co., Inc. (JASDAQ: 3633) is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. For more information, please visit:



    Dropmysite Pte Ltd was created in September 2011 with the aim to backup the Internet. The inspiration for the backup business arose from the aftermath of a website crash. Since then, Dropmysite has been featured on Angels’ Gate, Wall Street Journal, VentureBeat, Business Times and CNBC. The company was selected amongst the Top 20 startups by Singapore Business Review. Dropmysite has offices in 4 countries (Dallas, Texas, US / Mumbai, India / Tokyo, Japan / Singapore) and the website is translated into 9 languages (English / Traditional Chinese / Simplified Chinese / Hindi / Spanish / Korean / Japanese / Bahasa Indonesia / Thai). For more information, please visit:

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      Very informative blog post.Really thank you! Keep writing. dbkkdaeeeedg

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    Dropmysite does not make your HeartBleed (AAA rating by SSL Labs) 

    We are proud to say that our clients’ databases, websites and emails are uncompromised as the world crumbles around others. As the storm around HeartBleed arose, our reseller partners, SingTel, were the first to alert us of the vulnerability.




    “Hi DropMyEmail team,


    We have aware that there is a risk of vulnerable to the Heartbleed attack recently. Please refer to this link for further information.


    Therefore we have quickly go through a scan via and find that your server is NOT vulnerable to the Heartbleed attack. Attached the report for your perusal.


    However we need your help to :

    ·         Check through all your servers tomake sure it is free of vulnerable to HeartBleed.


    It is a good practise that all the parties to take this precautious action to protect ourselves.


    Thanks & warmest regards



    To be doubly sure, we took up their advice to run it through SSL Labs again – the gold standard to check on the security of your websites and databases.


    Here are our results:

     Screen shot 2014-04-17 at PM 01.58.50

    i. 100 (Grade A) – Certificate 


    Dropmysite uses a valid and trusted cert from GoDaddy. That is important as you want a trustworthy third party company (like GoDaddy) to prove that your cert is valid.


    ii. 70 (Grade B) – Protocol Support


    Protocol Support – Dropmysite support existing protocols and in no time, even the newest ones.


    iii. 90(Grade A) – Key Exchange


    Dropmysite uses a very strong private key. And our key exchange protocol follows the standard, which means it is secure. It makes it hard for hackers to get our keys, and even if they do, they will have a hard time decrypting it.


    iv. 90(Grade A) – Cipher Strength 


    Related to the earlier point, Dropmysite uses a strong private key, which makes it unpractical for hackers to decrypt it.


    The explanation behind the ratings can be found here.


    To have one of Asia’s biggest telecommunication firm confirm that our security efforts was a great achievement. Also, to have validation from SSL Labs, a global leader in assessing computer risk give us an overall distinction is a great feeling.


    We have to thank our hardworking engineers for their effort in building such a secure product. Their tireless hours have paid off even against a Heartbleed scare that has been largely unnoticed.


    We would also like to thank our clients for sticking with Dropmysite and Dropmyemail’s services in backing up their emails, websites and databases. Rest assured that we remain resolute in protecting your data by continuing to improve our processes.

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    How to mend your website’s Bleeding Heart? 

    It would seem that every time we turn around, there is yet another horrible security lapse in the Internet that will ruin the world. While many have been over-hyped as the Doomsday bug, this one is actually quite scary.


    Dubbed, or “HeartBleed”, like a hole in your heart, this bug is a hole in a widely used encryption technology has given hackers a way to infiltrate many of the world’s largest websites and download sensitive information from servers without leaving a trace.


    To complete the imagery, like the heart, this problem goes all throughout the body. We are all in this together – according to a recent Netcraft web server survey that looked at nearly 959,000,000 web sites, 66% of sites are powered by technology built around OpenSSL, a popular data encryption standard, and that doesn’t include email services, chat services, and a wide number of apps available on every platform. So there is no running from this.


    It was only recently discovered by researchers at Google and they are scrambling to fix it. Trying to keep up track new security vulnerabilities is frustrating and many just give up, but you would want to pay attention to this one:


    Here’s how it works:

    When data is encrypted, it looks like gibberish to anyone except the intended recipient. From time to time, one computer might want to check that there’s still a computer at the end of its secure connection, so it will send out what’s known as a “heartbeat,” a small packet of data that asks for a response.

    Due to a programming error in the implementation of OpenSSL, the researchers found that it was possible to send a well-disguised packet of data that looked like one of these heartbeats to trick the computer at the other end of a connection into sending over data stored in its memory.


    The worst part of it is that this problem has been around for a dizzying 2 years – meaning that hackers have been exploiting this flaw undetected for that amount of time. In all likelihood, your website, databases, passwords, emails, credit card information and pretty much everything you hold dear in the Internet was available on a shopping spree for the malicious. Also, as part of OpenSSL, it is incredibly hard to track any wrong-doing. Just to top things off: This isn’t simply a bug in some app that can quickly be updated — the vulnerability is in on the machines that power services that transmit secure information, like Facebook and Gmail.


    However, it is NOT yet the end of the world. The researchers who discovered the flaw let the developers behind OpenSSL know several days before announcing the vulnerability, so it was fixed before word got out yesterday. Most major service providers should already be updating their sites, so the bug will be less prevalent over coming weeks. The only thing to is to do nothing.


    Even if your business is in the industries where privacy and security are of utmost concern, it is too late. You can change your password but you also got to accept that your data was accessed inappropriately. Your only remedy is to bite the bullet, and wait for your service provider to update the anti-virus / anti-theft patches.


    Hackers must be upset that their secret backdoor is discovered. However, as we all know, the Internet is very forgiving and will give them another chance later on. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent hacks. Though there is a possibility of recovering.


    Backing up your website and databases is the measure you can take in the face of overwhelming Internet epidemics like HeartBleed. While backups do not mitigate the vulnerability, the fact that a site can be compromised and data deleted, stolen, or corrupted is cause for alarm to any site operator. With back ups, you are keeping different older versions of your site. You can revert to a previous version of your site that has yet to be compromised.


    As mentioned, backup is not a cure but just a good solution to fight off the next infection. Your concern should not be whether or not to backup, it is more about who you should back up with. As security lapses and attacks comes in all shapes and forms, be sure that your backup provider has various tools in place to safeguard your data. Before the next flood of virus, lapses or problems plague the Internet again, it would be wise to prepare for it.


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    Why is backup so important? 

    Disasters happens


    Due to the ever-increasing vulnerabilities of the Internet, your website is guaranteed to crash – the only question is when.

    “I think that all services will have downtime”, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg wrote in an e-mail to CNN. “No matter how much you prepare, have redundant systems, or audit, there will periodically be a black swan event that is completely unlike whatever you have experienced before. It even happens to Google! In these moments of crisis, the key is how the service and the people behind it respond.”

    Have you ever lost data or had problems with files that were corrupted? Have you experienced the headaches of extended downtime or the frustration of making your site back normal again? Have you ever seen on the site layout and just wanted to revert? Perhaps a frustrated employee decided to execute a payback on the company? There can be a million reasons why your website is not what it is supposed to be. Either way, the face of your company to the world is now compromised – what do you do? What can you do?


    Just imagine if this happened to you – losing your entire site due to a unknown or unpredictable security lapse. Maybe your tech team forgot to install the security patch or a myriad of possibilities that leave your website wide open to attack. You frantically try to restore the site from a previous version… but nothing is available. This is a common worry that keeps website owners up at night. eCommerce sites could lose up to thousands and even billions with any unscheduled down timeIn 2008 online retailer had a two hour downtime.  In this not time not only did it lose around $29,000 – $31,000 per minute (total loss estimated at $3.6 million) but the share price fell by 4.1% on the day – wiping around $3.12 billion off their stock market value. 


    A simple way for you to calculate the possible losses incurred by yourself – apply this formula:

    Estimated Average Cost of hour of downtime = Employee Costs per Hour * Fraction Employees Affected by Outage + Average Revenue per Hour * Fraction Revenue Affected by Outage

    • Employee Costs per Hour: total salaries and benefits of employees per week divided by the average number of working hours
    • Average Revenue per Hour: total revenue per week divided by average number of open hours
    • “Fraction Employees Affected by Outage” and “Fraction Revenue Affected by Outage” are just educated guesses or plausible ranges

    Even so, it is also only just a conservative estimate as it ignores cost of repair, such as cost of operator overtime or bringing in consultants. This formula ignores daily, seasonal variations in revenue. Also ignoring indirect costs of outages like poor company morale (reducing productivity for periods that far exceed the outage. Frequent outages can lead to a loss of confidence in  the IT team and its skills (IT blamed for everything). It can eventually lead to individual departments hiring their own IT people, which lead to higher direct costsIt is not just the cost of revenue not being made, it also involves the manhours lost. In this way, you can see that losing your website impacts your business in a serious way.

    Here an example: Sun Microsystems 2001


    •Revenue $12.5B/year, with 43,314 employees
    •Revenue per hour (24×5): ~ $2,000k
    •If outage affected 10% revenue: ~ $200,000
    • Assume avg. annual salary is $100,000 – More engineers than Amazon, so 20% higher
    • $4331M/year, or $83M / week for all staff
    • @ 50 hours / week => ~ $1,660,000 per hour
    • If outage affects 50% employees: ~$830,000
    • Total: ~ $1,030,000 / hour

    That is not an insignificant number. Minutes and seconds of restoration of a site can lead to salvation or damnation of a business



    When you finally get it back online, you discover it’s been blacklisted by Google because of a hacker. It happens more often than you think. Every day, it is estimated that 6,000 websites gets hacked and blacklisted by Google and other search engines 2 Once blacklisted, all modern browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari will block access to the site. This leads to drop in visitors, sales and destroys the reputation of the site.


    It is henceforth important to be prepared for anything – after all your business and reputation may depend on it. Protect your website from any data disaster, large or small with backup: protecting your hard work and effort. Take comfort in knowing that your information is always safe, secure, easily be restored and much more.

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    Tags: agile tester, developer, engineer, hire, , interview, iOS, java, , mobile, quality assurance, , scala   

    Dropmysite is looking for talents! 



    Dropmysite is expanding again! To help cope with our ever-expanding workload, we need more talents onboard this tech journey. We are looking for the following:


    We are in search of an experienced Quality Assurance professional to ensue that our Web and Mobile products are of the highest standards.

    You will take responsibility to design and execute test plans for IT and client applications under the guidelines of the stated quality assurance (QA) standards and processes.

    Ideal candidate: 

    If you are passionate about web and mobile testing, and thrive on ensuring applications meet specification, usability, performance and security benchmarks, you are right candidate. For the right candidate it is an opportunity to progress your career and be an integral part of the emerging success of a leading multi-national brand.

    Position Requirements 

    1. Technical specifications analysis and business requirements to design test plans.
    2. Executes test cases for web and mobile applications.
    3. Provides feedback of test results to project team for resolution.
    4. Communicates testing status to appropriate IT and client management.
    5. Works to embed quality processes throughout the development life cycle.
    6. Excellent communication skills, written and verbal – able to communicate complex concepts clearly and accurately.
    7. Experience in writing & executing test plans for commercial web applications.
    8. An excellent understanding of HTTP, HTTPS, HTML & SQL.
    9. Experience executing automated tests and interpreting results.
    10. Experience executing performance, stress and load tests.
    11. A good understanding of security testing.
    12. An understanding of Agile testing standards and methodologies.


    With the fast growing and ambitious group of businesses, we are in search again for passionate and talented Mobile developers to build some exciting and phenomenal apps for the endless mobile users.

    Ideal candidate: 

    You need to bring with you Android or IOS mobile development experience. As we are moving extremely fast with the services we have to offer, you will need to be able to take on projects and run with them independently.

    Position Requirements:

    1. Acute attention to detail and unit testing to produce reliable software.
    2. You should have working knowledge of one or more key solution technologies including Objective-C, Java, Android SDK, Web services and Agile.
    3. Excellent communication skills, written and verbal – able to communicate complex concepts clearly and accurately.
    4. Responsible, self-motivated & objective-driven.
    5. An understanding of agile development practices.
    6. Degree desirable but not required.


    •        Ruby/Java/Scala Engineer
    • javaLogo-thumb-150x125-16880ruby-vs-phpscala
    • We are in search of a great talent to join our platform team that handles the backing up of over 500TB of data. It is not yet-another-web-or-mobile-app. You will work on challenging problems that you read about on or HN. You should know Ruby/Scala well as our what our platforms are built on. Our platform is on Linux and AWS. We also use MongoDB and Postgresql. If you know the web stack well, that is a big plus.You will need to be able to problem solve, be self-motivated, be able to contribute to collaborative software projects. We are looking for people who challenge the status quo and think of new more efficient ways of doing things in a constantly evolving technical landscape.

      Ideal candidate: 

      • Work end to end on various new modules for our core product
      • OO Ruby development without the use of Rails
      • Exposure or proficiency in Java
      • Some knowledge of Scala
      • Algorithm design, development and implementation
      • Scaling
      • Design, build and deploy to AWS EC2
      • Lead, mentor and collaborate with other engineers
      • Test Driven Development
      • Gain experience with DevOps based procedures and techs

      Position Requirements 

      1. Able to work independent and take ownership of assigned development areas.
      2. Acute attention to detail and unit testing to produce reliable software.
      3. Excellent communication skills, written and verbal – able to communicate complex concepts clearly and accurately.
      4. Responsible, self-motivated & objective-driven.
      5. Comfortable on the UNIX command line.
      6. Experience with Ruby / Ruby on Rails is a big plus.
      7. An understanding of agile development practices.
      8. Degree desirable but not required.

      If you got the skills to pay the bills, please send your qualifications and expected salary to

    We look forward to seeing and choosing the best to bring Dropmysite to the next level.

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